Hi! I’m Teresa Morse, the woman behind Morse Code Kitchen. Welcome to my corner (or, if we’re being honest, tiny fruit fly sized speck) of the internet!

This is me (and my chief taste tester):


I started this blog to document my culinary adventures and share recipes — but really, it might have just been as an excuse to cook/bake/eat more. I love food. Like, a lot. 

I grew up in Kansas, sojourned in Georgia, and now I live in Iowa with these two:


Bryce is my college-sweetheart-turned-dog-coparenter-turned-husband-turned-seminary-student-turned pastor, and Tater is our least regrettable impulse decision (true story).

Speaking of Tater, here’s another picture of him.


He might appear on the blog a lot because (1) I love him, (2) he follows me everywhere, and (3) when there is the possibility of food falling on the floor the only thing that will distract him is a ninja-murderer (AKA the mailman) coming to the door.

I work as a transcript editor. When I’m not doing that, I’m writing fiction, poetry, and blogs about food, life with my pug, and whatever adventures come our way. Bryce and I have tended to ping-pong around the country, so I’m also hoping this blog is a good way to stay connected with family and friends as I write about whatever mischief we get up to.

Now is the part where I tell you about all my formal experience and training and why you should trust me enough to try anything you find on this site… and this would be the part on a job application where I’m forced to put N/A.

I’ve never been trained or educated (unless you count repeatedly binge-ing Top Chef and The Great British Bake Off, which I do, making me an expert in all culinary things). It’s just something that I got really excited and happy about at age 11, and now here we are. To get sentimental for a moment, I think cooking is a beautiful way of connecting with others because everyone eats, y’all. I love exploring the world of food as a way of reaching through a grand cosmos and reminding myself of universal humanity.

Morse code is an old-timey encoding scheme invented by someone to whom I’m likely not related, but I promise all recipes will be written in English. No decoding necessary.

Other Stuff
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